A Total Eclipse of the Sun makes for a Blackout… Blackout Blackberry wine, that is!

“Come quickly, brothers, I am drinking stars!”

This quote is attributed to Dom Perignon, a French monk who is the inventor of champagne! He made a boo-boo while fermenting his wine, and did not remove all the yeast, so it began to re-ferment and it was bubbly! Thus, his surprise and his now famous quote. And aren’t we all glad he was not a particularly astute winemaker. Lucky for us!

The only total solar eclipse visible here for the foreseeable future will be on August 21, 2017 at about 1:30pm. It will send us into total darkness for over two minutes, and Beachaven is right in the path. It’s the place to be! 

As the sun crosses the United States, many places will experience the eclipse. However, Clarksville-Hopkinsville is touted as being the epitome of all places for the best and longest viewing with over 2 minutes of TOTALITY! Those in the know say this is a life-changing experience that you don’t want to miss.

So get your special viewing glasses, cameras, and lawn chairs and join us for the party of the century! There will be live music on our stage from 11:00 until 3:00. Food trucks will be here, vendors, and lots of people. We are having five tour buses from around the country come for a private picnic, and the radio station is having a tailgate party for those who reserved their spots early. There will be room for additional seating just like at Jazz on the Lawn. 

Beachaven will honor this natural phenomenon with a special limited edition Blackout Blackberry wine! It is a delicious sparkling blackberry made just for this event. And it won’t last long. When is it gone, it is gone. Just like the eclipse, the special wine is dark like night, sparkling like the stars, and quickly gone!

The wine will be available August 1st and is $30.00 plus tax per bottle. You can purchase in the store or reserve yours by calling us at 931 645 8867, to get your very own signed-by-the-winemaker limited edition Blackout Blackberry. (No discounts. No shipping.)

You don’t want to be in the dark! Oh, wait, maybe you do!

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