Beachaven has garnered over 1,000 medals!

In international, national and regional competitions, many medals have found their way to the neck of a Beachaven bottle of wine, including over 100 Gold and Double Gold, and a few for Best of Show! This focus on premium quality in our products was begun by founder, Judge William O. Beach, and has been insisted on by the family for three generations. Our winemaking team consists of Josh Kelley and Kelly Barnes.



    Double Gold, Indy International, Gov's White

    Gold, Indy International, Gov's Red

    Silver, Indy International, Barrelhead Red

    Silver, Indy International, Cumberland White 

    Silver, Indy International, Riesling

    Bronze, Indy International, Cabernet Sauvignon


    Gold, San Fransico International Wine Competition, Riesling

    Bronze, San Fransico International Wine Competition, Cabernet Sauvignon

    Bronze, San Fransico International Wine Competition, Syrah

    Silver, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Barrelhead Red

    Silver, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Cabernet Sauvignon

    Silver, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Riesling

    Silver, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Gov's White

    Silver, Finger Lakes International Wine Competition, Blues!

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